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It’s part of our future. We are rich in barely tapped energy resources – timber and lignite coal. We are working hard to make energy a driver of our economy.


Wood Pellets Interest in Camden as Renewable Energy Source PDF Print E-mail

Wall Street Journal, July 7, 2009
By Russell Gold

Some of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy in the world are the wind, the sun -- and the lowly wood pellet.

European utilities are snapping up the small combustible pellets to burn alongside coal in existing power plants. As a global marketplace emerges to feed their growing appetite for pellets, the Southeastern U.S. is becoming a major exporter, with pellet factories sprouting in Florida, Alabama and Arkansas.

Timber PDF Print E-mail

A leading industry in Southwest Arkansas, timber resources are now on track to increasingly become a sustainable and renewable energy source.

Arkansas Timber Industry

Statewide, there are 18,778,660 acres of forest land representing approximately 56% of the total land base. Of this, 27% is pine, 17% is mixed hardwood and pine, 39% is upland oak-hickory forests, and the remaining 16% are bottomland species including some oak, cypress, cottonwood, and elm.

South Arkansas Rich in Lignite Resources PDF Print E-mail

By Mark Hengel

Copyright Arkansas Business Aug 11, 2008

RISING ENERGY PRICES have made exploiting many of Arkansas' natural resources more viable, and many of those resources are in south Arkansas.

"The price of energy commodities always renews interest in Arkansas' resources," said Ed Ratchford, senior petroleum geologist at the Arkansas Geological Survey. "Arkansas is rich in fossil fuels and has a long history of production of fossil fuels."

Lignite Research Center at Southern Arkansas University PDF Print E-mail

SAU Grant to Provide Technology to Test Lignite as Alternative Energy Source

Ross, Lincoln, Pryor Announce Million Dollar Grant for SAU

Washington – Representative Mike Ross (AR-04) along with U.S. Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor announced today that the Lignite Research Center at Southern Arkansas University (SAU) in Magnolia will receive $1 million from the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration.  The funds will be used to support construction and purchase of equipment to test lignite - a soft coal - to determine the benefits of mining it for use as an alternative source of energy.

Lignite Facts PDF Print E-mail
  • 9 billion tons of lignite in South Arkansas less than 150 ft beneath the surface. See map below of lignite deposits in Ouachita and Calhoun Counties.
  • Potential for conversion to synfuels.
  • With CO2 sequestration, South Arkansas oil fields can be rejuvenated & the bromine industry extended by over a hundred years.